Who are you?

My name is Julien Benoit. I live in Paris where I am engineer at SII Ile-de-France. I help our customers to build better applications with PHP, JavaScript and HTML5. I enjoy working with the latest libraries and frameworks. I graduated from a french engineering school. My interests goes far beyond software development. I love to travel, eat good food and drink fine wine (probably because I am french!).

20 Random things about me

  1. I hate wearing different socks
  2. I was a scout when I was 10
  3. I am a bad singer, especially when I’m taking a shower
  4. My parents hesitated to call me Aurélien instead of Julien
  5. I was born in the Ardennes
  6. I hate hipsters
  7. I love cheese, especially when it is stinky
  8. Breaking Bad is the best series I ever watched.
  9. Sometimes, I speak to myself
  10. I was a reservist when I was young
  11. I fear to forget an event, so I intensively use my agenda
  12. I think we have too much holidays in France
  13. I do not like Valentine’s day
  14. I write many lists to stay organized
  15. I tried several sports, I tried …
  16. I am picky. Sometimes too much
  17. I never promise something I can’t do
  18. I once travelled to USA, and it was amazing
  19. I prefer drink a beer rather than champagne
  20. I would like days which last 36 hours